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Trayvon Martin’s racist, Facebook peanut gallery

And now…Ladies and gentlemen… “Post-racial” America:

This fat sack of shit was such an asshole, I included two of his posts:

Ugh. Unfortunately, these were all too common and easy for me to find. Please feel free to look these fucks up and give them a little constructive criticism, or a lot of it, as you see fit…


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Tokyo butt gun

Stay classy, Japan.


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Peep Show of Doom

I’ll be out frolicking in the sunshine, riding mid-grade roller coasters, and splashing around in the water at Michigan’s Adventure amusement park all day. I don’t have time to post anything substantive, so here’s a freak to look at. Enjoy!


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Taste the rainbow

I’m not real big on performance art, but this piece is especially…um…colorful. So have a gander and get yourself some culture. (Warning:  It might not be the best idea to watch if you’re eating.)


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A roving proselytizer with delusions of grandeur

I was stopped at a light earlier today, on my way to sign a petition to oust our newly elected, Republican shithead governor.

“Hey, Bud!”

I looked over to see a dark-haired man of about 40, driving an old, grey Mustang. He was clean-shaven, wearing sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt. “You want my autograph?” he asked.

I wasn’t sure I heard him right. “Do I want your autograph?”

He slid his glasses down his nose to look at me eye to eye, smiling and looking about as smug as you can imagine. “How about a bible study?” he said.

I laughed at the absurdity of the situation and that he had chosen me, of all people, to ask this of. “Absolutely not,” I replied.

“Don’t say you weren’t asked,” he said, still smiling. At that, he pushed his sunglasses back up and drove off, leaving me both perplexed and amused.

I wonder if that approach ever works for him.

Hey there fella, how 'bout some Jesus? No? Well good luck in Hell. I've got a luau to get to...


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