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Trayvon Martin’s racist, Facebook peanut gallery

And now…Ladies and gentlemen… “Post-racial” America:

This fat sack of shit was such an asshole, I included two of his posts:

Ugh. Unfortunately, these were all too common and easy for me to find. Please feel free to look these fucks up and give them a little constructive criticism, or a lot of it, as you see fit…


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Kony, Khrist, and The Kloset (or, Sympathy for Jason Russell)

Imagine your favorite food, hands down, is hamburgers. You can think of nothing tastier. Problem is, you’ve been told all your life, by most everyone you know and care about, that liking hamburgers is an abomination and that giving in and actually eating them is pure evil. I’m sure it’s obvious where this is going, but even so, please indulge me for a moment. Imagine confessing these burger longings of yours to these people. So long as you agree with them that it’s wrong, they may deign to afford you some pitying acceptance, but you’ll be expected to go through your entire life seeing hamburgers everywhere you go—in magazines, on billboards and TV, and smelling them as you pass fast food joints and when you’re sitting there not eating one in every restaurant you go to while the approved people are scarfing them right under your nose—all without ever following through with your unabating desire. If they find you’re actually eating hamburgers, well…  Bad to worse. You’re deemed a pox on the very essence of all that is good. Less than a person. Your closest family might even disown you. And rightfully so;  you’re fucking disgusting. Oh, and when you die, they say, your spirit will live on to be endlessly tortured for your burger blasphemy. Okay? Now mull that scenario over a moment. Really imagine how you’d probably feel. Now imagine how much worse it must be for many gay folks who grow up in evangelical families. Everyone who’s come anywhere near puberty knows a weakness for McDowell’s ain’t got nothin’ on a sexual preference.

Which brings me to the recent internet hullabaloo that is Kony 2012 and its architect, or, perhaps more fittingly, its choreographer, Jason Russell. When I first saw his smug little propaganda video, I figured “So what if it’s really douchey and weirdly egomaniacal? If it works and this Kony fuck is dealt with, then fine. Who gives a damn?” Then there was the backlash. Then the back story began to fill in…His evangelical upbringing and connections with anti-gay groups… Then the guy went ape-shit on the streets of San Diego and into the laughing academy for a few nights. All in a handful of days. Whoa. But it never crossed my mind when I first saw the Kony 2012 video that this Jason Russell weasel was a closeted gay man.

I usually think of my gaydar as pretty decent. Definitely above average, but it has been known to fail me once or twice. In this case, I think I went in focused pretty intently on the message and the claims being made, but the overwhelming douchiness and arrogance was a huge factor in my distraction as well. In fact, it was probably the biggest factor, as I was more or less mesmerized by it. Seriously, it was almost difficult to think of anything else while watching this thing. That and maybe his hetero marriage and the cute little beard of a son he trotted out so manipulatively helped to throw me off. At any rate, I should have picked up on it.

The following day, I saw out of the corner of my eye that this guy was on CNN and un-muted the TV. Then, for some reason, he didn’t get more than a few sentences in before it occurred to me very, very strongly that he was probably gay. The way he moved, his manner of speech, the way he expressed his enthusiasm…I picked up on all these little clues at once. Of course I can’t know it for sure, and it’s not an accusation of any sort. In my view, being gay is nothing particularly remarkable in itself, and certainly nothing negative. It’s merely what I thought at the moment.

I was further convinced when I saw this video of Jason at the evangelical Liberty University, espousing his love of Christ,  and—as if there could be a better clue—musicals. Then there was this video for his organization, Invisible Children, wherein he sings and dances his little heart out. And after that? The breakdown:

Is that or is that not the single gayest breakdown possible for a supposedly straight man? Not the nudity of course, but the walk, the posture, and the gestures. As a friend posted on Facebook, “The closet really is a deep, dark place I guess. That’s it, girl. Sashay the gay away!” Really, anybody who knows gay will tell you:  GAY.

As you probably know if you’ve been trying to follow this story, his wife says he wasn’t on drugs or alcohol at the time. Or rather, more specifically, that he doesn’t do drugs or alcohol. It doesn’t much matter to my point. The official story is that old bullshit favorite of people in the public eye who act a fool before it:  exhaustion and dehydration. But for those of us who are observant and aren’t members of the Kony 2012 cult or the Christ cult, it’s looking more and more like a big part of the explanation probably lies somewhere in the beginning of this post.


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Obama kicks off 2012 by kicking America in the nuts

As many of us were sizing up liquor bottles and preparing to put as many of those bricks in our hat as possible in celebration of another trip around the Sun, President Obama codified into law the Executive Branch’s absolute power to detain anyone, anywhere in the world, indefinitely, without charge or trial. Happy New Year, America! And having just obliterated all of our remaining rights and freedoms with the stroke of a pen, our Commander-in-Chief–sworn to protect and uphold our constitution–had the temerity to assure us that he would never, ever, ever use it against us or anything:

“‘I have signed this bill despite having serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation, and prosecution of suspected terrorists,’ Obama said. ‘I want to clarify that my Administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens. Indeed, I believe that doing so would break with our most important traditions and values as a Nation.’”

Oh. Thanks. What a relief then. And I’m sure all future presidents will be kind enough to not abuse their powers as well.

Fuck you, Obama.


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Poll: Should the 9/11 cross stay or go?

After the towers fell on September 11, 2001, as the smoke cleared, some people looked over the destruction and noticed a cross-section of steel beams poking up through the rubble. The Xtians among them noted it looked like their religion’s primary icon, the Holy Cross. It looked just as much like a lower-case letter “t”, but whatever. These Xtians, using very poor reasoning (as they’re inclined to do in these matters), took it as a sign of some sort from their God; some vague, half-assed pat on the back of sympathy or something. At any rate, in their trauma it gave them comfort, and that’s fine. But now they’ve installed it as a permanent exhibit in the National 9/11 Museum and some atheists feel like they’ve crossed a line. A group called American Atheists has sued to either have it removed or to force the museum to display symbols for other beliefs just as prominently, including a symbol for atheism.

I’ve been mulling it over for a little bit, but I’m still not sure where I fall on this. On the one hand, I don’t think religion should be involved in the memorial whatsoever. It’s in memory of the victims collectively, and collectively they weren’t Xtians, Jews, Muslims or atheists, they were just people who didn’t deserve what happened to them. But this Xtian symbol will likely be the largest and most prominent of any religious images in the museum. Reportedly there will be a Star of David, a Jewish prayer shawl, and some other nonsense displayed too, but it’s doubtful any of them will rival the cross in size. And after the so-called “ground-zero mosque” controversy, can you imagine them putting a giant symbol of Islam right next to it? Yeah, it ain’t gonna happen. And to make the icon of this one religion more visible and acting as a de facto symbol for all faith, hope, and courage in the face of horror is insensitive and arrogant. People of all kinds, with many different religious beliefs and life philosophies, were affected that day.

On the other hand, if I understand correctly, the museum got some federal funding and it’s on government land, but it’s not really a government building. It’s technically a non-profit and will probably be charging admission fees to cover some of its overhead, so this is a far cry from hanging the Ten Commandments in a federal courthouse. Also, this is a museum memorializing an historical event and the cross does have some (small) historical significance in that people traumatized by the event found this piece of the wreckage from the site meaningful to them and it gave them comfort. It’s delusional, but it’s part of the story.

So I’m still thinking on it. But regardless of whether the cross should stay or go, I think asking for an atheist display is asinine. If they put one in, why shouldn’t someone else sue to include a section honoring the people who preferred boxers to briefs? It’s just silly.


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Casey Anthony: why her acquittal is good news for you

It seems I’m in a minority of people who believe the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial wasn’t a total travesty of justice. I’m not happy that a person who probably murdered her own child is walking away with only a couple of years in jail, but I am satisfied that the system worked. There was plenty of evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she’s a callous—and probably sociopathic—liar, but absolutely zero that she’s a murderer or even a child abuser. I know, I know…her behavior is fishier than Charlie Tuna’s tighty-whiteys. But if I ever found myself facing the death penalty or life in prison, I would hope that subjective perceptions of my behavior wouldn’t be enough on its own to put me away.

Regardless of the fact that she seems awfully guilty (and probably is), the prosecution wasn’t even able to show cause of death. Was it murder? Probably, they said. That wasn’t good enough for the jury. And let’s not forget that the weirdness surrounding the discovery of the remains cast some pretty strong suspicion that they may have been tampered with. It all adds up to a whole lot of maybe.

So was justice served? Perhaps not, but the burden of proof is difficult to carry for a reason. By insisting on powerful evidence before throwing the book at someone, we help to insure that innocent people aren’t mistakenly put to death or imprisoned. Even one instance of that, to me, is a bigger injustice than allowing a dozen Casey Anthonys to walk free.


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Get on board or get outta the way, losers

In light of New York’s legalization of same–sex marriage, a blogger named Julie Waters wrote an open letter to homophobes the other day titled “It. Gets. Worse.” In it, she writes about the incredible strides being made in the fight for equal rights for gays, the inevitability of victory, and calls for the opposition to get on the right side of history before they’re steamrolled:

So you’ve got a choice here.  You can, of course, hold onto your ideas. You can keep fighting for your right to be afraid of gay people, and you can cloak it in such terms as “protect marriage” or use words like “sanctity” and other catch phrases that are, over time, going to just lose their meaning.  

You can waste time and energy with your bigotry and hostility.

But before you decide… just take a deep breath for a moment and think about this:

You know those people in their 70’s who talk about interracial marriage with that sneer in their voice that everyone else rolls their eyes at?  The ones who people just kind of forgive for their hideous prejudices because they’re too old to learn to be any better?  

That’s you.

Maybe not today.  Maybe not in five years.  But in ten years?  Possibly.  In 20, almost definitely.

And she’s exactly right. The genie’s out of the bottle, haters. The good guys have a foothold, and the longer gay marriages take place in these example states (and the others certain to follow) without the sky falling, the more transparent arguments against it based on bigotry and fear become. It’s difficult to continue lying about something once the truth of the matter is common knowledge. You can keep trying, but you’ll do it from the dustbin, an ugly, irrelevant aberration.

It’s good. Read the whole post here.

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Tired of the muthafuckin’ jackin’

If you’re one of those people who view cops as gallant defenders of the law and heroic protectors of the community (and especially if you are one), piss off. In my experience, police tend to be slow-witted, quick-tempered, and sadistic. Even the few decent ones volunteer to enforce bad laws and arrest good people, so fuck the lot of them. Sure, they show up now and then and save someone’s ass, and might even be a necessity in this strange society we’ve fashioned, but don’t fool yourself into thinking these thugs are “the good guys.” I’ve met dope fiends and nihilistic street urchins with a better sense of justice and honor than a lot of 5-0.

Here are just a few recent video examples of how the fuzz are out of control and out to get you. YouTube is teeming with ’em.

First, just last month Emily Good of Rochester, New York was videotaping a routine traffic stop from her lawn. The person stopped was never actually taken to jail. Emily was:

Next, the Rochester police just happened to begin a particularly vigorous enforcement of a “must be no more than 12 inches from the curb” parking law outside of a neighborhood meeting in support of Emily:

In Miami Beach, Florida, on Memorial Day, Narces Benoit recorded a questionable police shooting. Afterwards, cops attempted to confiscate the video at gunpoint. The footage survived only because Narces managed to remove the memory card and hide it in his mouth:

My advice? Stay clear of the bastards. And if you must interact with the pigs, do so with caution. Never assume that what’s right, the Constitution, or fairness will protect you from abuse. It won’t. These folks learned the hard way.


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