REVIEW: Meshuggah – Koloss

I am the great leviathan…The insatiable colossus…I am life and death…You empower me…I’m a mammoth king evolved…Conjured by your dreams…Summoned by your fears…I’m the imposing giant…Infallible dictator…My rules apply to all…You remain before me…I am life and death
I decide your fate…

The above is a sampling of the lyrical introduction to Koloss, and it definitely sets the tone. You are about to be mauled by a force much bigger than you. Stronger. Meaner. It will be surgically brutal in its dispatch of you, a puny admirer who fawns over their executioner even in the midst of the deed. You will kiss the feet of the mighty Meshuggah, and your neck will be severed before you even notice the taste of Holy Fuck on your tongue.

Here, the band has harnessed their H.R. Giger-as-proggy-death-metal-band aesthetic, condensed and disguised the skull-fuckery, and molded it into semi-familiar shapes. Still odd, alien shapes to be sure, but finessed to resemble something vaguely human. It’s brilliant. Koloss has made me a much bigger Meshuggah fan.

Listen: I Am Colossus


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