VIDEO THRASHBACK: Gothic Slam – Who Died and Made You God? (1989)

Around 1989, when I was 16 years old, the thrash metal scene was just beginning to wane, but a lot of great thrash albums were released that year nevertheless: Voivod’s Nothingface, Testament’s Practice What You Preach, and Sepultura’s Beneath The Remains to name a few. I believe this was also the year I happened upon a Gothic Slam show at this all ages metal club we had around here then called Devil’s Island. Afterward, my friends and I somehow got invited to the band’s motel room nearby. We were pretty jazzed about it, imagining rock star shit; booze, drugs and babes. At least booze. But we wound up just sitting around in a little room, bored, with this bunch of goofball, working class Jersey dudes, a few of their buddies, and a couple of other hangers-on. No booze (save for maybe a couple of six packs a few guys were sharing), no drugs, and no babes. Just some tinny thrash on a shitty boombox and me feeling awkward, disappointed, and wanting to leave.

But they were nice guys, and quite a bit better at playing thrash than they were at partying hearty. While my rock & roll fantasies went un-lived-up-to, my neck was sore the next day from the headbanging their music induced. Here’s a song from that time which turned out to be the one to take them as far as they were gonna get. The video was in regular rotation on Headbanger’s Ball for awhile, but that was that. They never released another album. Anyway, the video is hilariously terrible, and if you drink every time the titular phrase is sung or shouted (21x in 4 minutes), you’ll be assed before it’s over.

Mosh on.


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