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REVIEW: Mastodon – The Hunter

Mastodon began with scruffy, bludgeoning, caveman metal. A very, very good caveman metal, mind you, with an ear for hooks and intricacies that trancended stone-age thumping, but now they make cinematic metal. It’s music still befitting the band’s namesake (burly and virtually unstoppable), but refined; festooned in royal jewels as it crushes lives underfoot. A majestic and psychedelicized fury that will no doubt crush you, but has you too transfixed to even attempt to get out of the way. Here they’ve made their White Album in that there’s no unifying theme and a great diversity of mood and stylistic choices. Yet, unlike the Beatles’ sprawling opus, The Hunter was edited down perfectly. It’s highly focused and sounds very much like every song belongs exactly where it is. All killer, no filler as they say. Only two songs break the five minute barrier (barely), so every song is lean and mean, lasting only as long as it takes to drop your jaw and satisfy. Pure ear candy.

Listen: Thickening


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Here it is: Mastodon’s new album, The Hunter, in its entirety

Was I right or was I right? We’re a week away from its official release and here it is from top to bottom, in all its glory. And man oh man is it good. Enjoy:

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The thoroughly creepy trailer for The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence has arrived

Intriguing. The…um…”hero”… is all kinds of creepy. Definitely creepier than the first flick’s mad Dr. Heiter (who was plenty awesome in his own right). And what’s this? Black and white? Is the whole movie in black & white? Interesting choice if so. Not a lot going on here, but it manages to up my anticipation nevertheless, so that’s a good sign. Hopefully this will be as it appears: a ridiculously over-the-top shockfest with ridiculous art-house pretensions.

And mouths sewn to buttholes.

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Creepy fact: At 5.5 to 6mm in diameter, the seawolf's sickly looking, yellow-tinted eggs are some of the largest fish eggs known to man.

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Mastodon keeps the sneak preview train a-rollin’ with “Spectrelight”

Yep, another one. At the rate they’re squeezing out these tracks, we’ll have heard all of The Hunter before the official September 27th release. Fine by me. And this one’s a hard-charging, beasty tune, so the Mastodon Lite fears that “Curl Of the Burl” stoked in me have been somewhat allayed.

Just three more weeks…

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The Hunter draws nigh

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