CINEMA OF DOOM: Big Man Japan (2007)

You might’ve noticed I’m an extreme music fan, but I like a healthy dose of hyper-violence and weirdness with my movies too. If it’s brutal, bizarre, or both, I’m probably gonna watch the shit out of it (or already have). Occasionally I’ll recommend some of the better flicks here. This first one falls squarely into the bizarre category.

In Big Man Japan, the Japanese are constantly under attack from mutant, radioactive monsters. Since WWII, the Ministry of Monster Prevention has employed a long line of men who transform into giant warriors and defend against them. The titular character is the latest, but he’s a mediocre fighter and not well loved by the populace. He becomes depressed and apathetic. We become entertained. It’s overlong and gets bogged down in a couple of spots, but it’s so damned colorful and strange you’ll hardly notice.



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6 responses to “CINEMA OF DOOM: Big Man Japan (2007)

  1. spermoda

    Have you seen “The Story of Ricky”?

  2. Nope, but now I’m gonna have to. Looks like a good time.

  3. ಠ¿ಠarol

    I like the weird stuff you find. I’d probably watch some of what you post if they turned up on satellite. I’m not going to get into that downloading of movies thing. I don’t have a fast internet and would only blow my cork when a movie started buffering.

    • ಠ¿ಠarol

      We’ve talked about that, but nah. We visit the video store in town and I get what I can from the library and MelCat. The weird stuff? Oh, well.

  4. Set in yr ways. Fair enough. I hope you get a chance to check some of these freaky gems out.

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